Mother calls for an end to music videos glorifying violence

Tonya Love lost her son Prosper in 2014. She says gangs use her name, and others, in music videos to promote the shootings.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Prosper Johnson was gunned down five days before his 18th birthday in 2014.

Since then, her mother Tonya Love has been pushing for tougher gun laws, but she’s noticed a trend that she says amplifies a message of hate.

“It seems to me that the music and the murder and the chaos are all linked now,” she told First Coast News.

This is something the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has also publicly acknowledged.

Rival gangs use social media and video clips as a means of intimidation and retaliation against each other.

Love says her son was mentioned in the videos even seven years after his death.

“You hear rumors and you just use my son as a way to get more views,” Love said. “You are using all of these murders as a way to draw attention to yourself.”

She started this online petition, which would force social media companies to remove violent videos.

Love says she supports free speech, but she doesn’t condone threats or groups that encourage bad behavior.

“A music video comes up, and the next thing you know, that person’s feelings are hurt because you’re making fun of someone who’s been murdered,” Love explained. “Then they’re going to murder someone, and then they put together another clip.”

Love started a non-profit organization after Prosper’s death. If you want to know more, Click here.