Music/art project moves students from spring to summer

Laura Young
ECB Publishing, Inc.

In May, Kindergarten to Grade 5 students at Jefferson Somerset completed an interdisciplinary final music/art project featuring apricot trees and flamingos. It was a fun way to celebrate spring and get ready for summer.
Jacquelyn Dupuis, an elementary music teacher, taught students a number of May songs, with a focus on Georgia Wahlin Bello’s tune “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree.” The students learned that when apricot trees bloom in the spring, their white flowers burst along the branches and look like popcorn.
The art component of the project involved creating flamingos with construction paper, tissue paper, and, of course, googly eyes. The students enjoyed the opportunity to share in class times when they had seen flamingos in a zoo as well as creating flamingos in an artistic way.
“The flamingo project seemed fun for spring and used spring colors including pinks, purples and oranges,” Dupuis said. “We learned how to make the feathers out of squares of tissue paper using shading to make the colors gradually fade from light to darker.”
Dupuis reported that the students were delighted to take their flamingo creations at home as they wrapped up their year for summer vacation.