Music Monday Featured Artist: Joshua Dylan Balis

Photo credit: Cal & Aly

Singer-songwriter Joshua Dylan Balis has just released the title track “We’re On Fire” from his upcoming debut album we are on fire (State Fair Records), slated for release May 13. The title track doubles down on the album’s central metaphor, about how quickly time can pass and how time can alter perspective.

Of the new single, Josh shared

“‘We’re On Fire’ is a double meaning, it refers to the lyrics of the song, which deal with the implications of finding purpose in an impermanent world, and the transformative nature of the times we collectively live in. Indeed, we are on fire and the burning question in the background of our lives is: what will be left when the ashes are gone?

“We’re On Fire” is the second single from her debut album. we are on firefollowing his previously published “Stories”, which quickly garnered over 25,000 views and were written as a love letter to friends and family, “Stories” features his father Danny Balis, co-founder and bassist of the band Bastards Of Soul on bass guitar. Center track shared the song, saying “…remembers Jason Isbell and Unit 400, with lovely honesty in his smoky vocals, confident acoustic guitar playing and tasteful harmonica playing.”

Photo credit: Cal & Aly

More recently, Josh shared a message to fans via Instagram, announcing his we are on fire pre-order the album, now available digitally here: Signed physical CD copies of the album are also available for pre-order on his website,

Josh is currently signed to State Fair Records of Dallas, Texas. He grew up in a family of accomplished musicians, including his grandmother Evelyn, who was backing vocalist for Patsy Cline on her Hayride tour, and his father Danny Balis, co-owner of the Twilite Lounge and bassist of the band Bastards of Soul. For more information on Joshua Dylan Balis, visit

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