NCT 127’s Enhanced Vision and Graphic Ambitions for ‘2 Baddies’ – Billboard

“Fast” is the first word spoken on NCT 127’s latest album and embodies the palpable excitement and passion the boy band has for their new music.

The group’s last album dating from almost a year ago, Sticker, became the act’s highest-charting and longest-running project when it peaked at No. 3 and spent 17 weeks on the Billboard 200. Their latest, 2 villains released on September 16, is the record they plan to reach more fans with even bigger ambitions and goals.

Speaking on an afternoon Zoom call in Seoul, the members talk excitedly about an album they see as pushing themselves as experimental K-pop artists who are fully committed to exploring different sounds. . As album openers “Faster” and “2 Baddies” embrace high turbo energy alongside multiple racing and car references, the LP explores different sounds, the LP quickly shifts into new gears to explore various genres. There’s harmony-laden R&B (the emotional one-two punch of “Gold Dust” followed by “Black Cloud”), heavy, feel-good hip-hop (over the heavy vocal “Tasty and the cheeky “Vitamin”, respectively), with the LP closing with new sonic territory for NCT 127 via the rock-pop vibe of “LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)”, and uplifting, grooving synths. on the dedicated fan track “1, 2, 7 (Time stands still).


See the latest videos, graphics and news

See the latest videos, graphics and news

The guys have high hopes for their 12 new tracks and want to make sure the charts brace for their impact. “To tell about Billboard to prepare for our #1 spot,” NCT 127 member Mark half-jokes before Jaehyun adds, “This is the attitude for 2 villains.”

Browse NCT 127’s newfound attitude below with a sneak peek at their latest LP, upcoming gigs, dreams, and more.

Tell me a bit about the meaning of the title 2 villains, the name and single of the album. It is a unique title.

JOHNNY: The Korean title is “질주”, which means “too fast”. It’s just about moving forward, not caring what other people say about you, going fast and looking forward. And my take on “2 Baddies” is because of a Porsche, basically, because most of them are two-seaters. This is how everything comes together to make “2 villains”.

You mention the Porsches, and there are car elements throughout the album: the songs “2 Baddies” and “Faster”, the styling, the video. Are any of you racing fans?

TAEYONG: I really like to play car racing games like Kart Rider. I really like – how can I say it? – blue fire nitro boosts? I really liked the concept, it’s my style.

Why was this the right comeback song? It’s been a while since we’ve had a new NCT 127 album.

MARK: In my opinion, I feel like the last songs we released, “Sticker” and “Favorite,” were pretty new. Like, the concept of “Sticker” and “Favorite” was very new and really experimental for NCT 127. After almost a year, we feel that we should somehow bring back what we do best. For 2 villains, all of these previous experiences that we all had went into a fully constructed song and album. The timing came to us this time.

How did you get involved in the album creatively?

MARK: TAEYONG and I wrote some raps for the album song like “Time Lapse” and “Designer”. Apart from being involved in the writing of the songs, we were all really involved in the recording of the album because we all knew that this long break that we had before this album was something that motivated us to [put] much more of our minds and hearts while recording. For each song, we all really brought our enhanced game into the recording studio, and we all really had our own interpretations. We really participated, all of us.

JAEHYUN hinted in a previous interview that the choreography has a “free” atmosphere. Can you explain that a bit more?

JAEHYUN: As I teased a bit last time, there are certain parts where you can freestyle, smile, and show a lot of emotion while doing the whole performance. It’s not like full freestyle, but I think the dance element is freer this time around because you can express any kind of feeling while performing “2 Baddies.”

What’s everyone’s favorite song?

HAECHAN: “Designate”

JAEHUYN: For today, I would say “Tasty”.

TAEYONG: Today, “2 Baddies”, the title song.

TAEIL: “Gold Dust”

JUNGWOO: I’m thinking of “Vitamin”, I really like the speed of the song.

DOYOUNG: I love “Crash Landing”.

YUTA: “Proofreading”

MARK: I chose “2 Baddies” today.

JOHNNY: For me it would be “1, 2, 7 (time stands still)”.

How This Album Continues NCT 127’s Story As A Group representing K-pop?

TAEYONG: We really felt it was something we could do our best and we were doing something that really brought out our core strengths and skills. Even when we were recording, people around us were saying how “This is something NCT 127 could do better than everyone else.” So we were really excited to show our strengths and skills through this album comeback. As part of the K-pop community, we want to experiment and continue to show our growth and development and hopefully start or relaunch a new wave of K-pop.

Yeah. More villains in K-pop. I’m ready for that.

NCT 127: Yeah !

Your Sticker the album reached number three on the Billboard 200, which was a new best for you. Any hope or all Billboard graphics goals this time?

TAEYONG: Billboard #1!

JOHNNY: I think No. 1 is everyone’s goal. It’s still there.

You will soon be back in the United States for two concerts. What can fans expect from these upcoming shows in LA and New York?

JOHNNY: It’s already been two or three years since we went to the United States together, so I think this will excite our fans. But we also have the new album coming out before that so I’m just going to tell you that, yes, we’re going to implement the new music in our setlist at the shows. We have a lot of things prepared and I’m sure everyone will be able to fully enjoy our concerts.

What else is there among the many things you have prepared? Can we expect another great repackaging album like NCT 127 always brings? What else is to come beyond this new album?

MARK: Well… damn, man. [Laughs]

TAEYONG: You may see what you expect, but you may also see something you really don’t expect. You can expect what you expected, but you can also expect to be surprised by something unexpected.

MARK: Wow. He twisted that!

Everything you want to make sure Billboard know where is messenger around this album?

MARK: To tell about Billboard to prepare for our No. 1 spot.

NCT 127: Yeah !

JAEHYUN: This is the attitude for 2 villains!

MARK: See you up there! But all jokes aside, we’re really excited to release our fourth full album. Our fans have been super patient and supportive of this whole project, and we’ve really worked on this much harder album. So we really want to show our passion to our fans too. We are really excited to show the world our album because we just hope our fans will like it. We are happy to play.