New Australian musical ARTWORK explores setting up Sydney Opera House next month

Acclaimed independent theater makers Little Triangle will present a staged concert of Work of Art, a new musical by NIDA grad Jesse Layt at the ARA Darling Quarter Theater on August 24th. This public presentation will mark the completion of a development workshop which involved fourteen of Sydney’s brightest young actors.

Work of Art chronicles the creation of the famous Sydney Opera House, following in the footsteps of architects Jørn Utzon and Peter Hall through fourteen years of construction as they fight to retain their creative voices. Powered by an all-original score, this thrilling new musical questions the value placed on Australian art and artists in a world where political ambition and economic austerity seem destined to trump artistic expression.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Opera House (October 2023), the creative team prepares to reveal the deeply human story behind an icon so widely known, yet so closely understood. Directed by Alexander Andrews and set to music by Jeremy Kindl, Work of Art invites audiences to look inside a world that will surprise, irritate and inspire, taking them out of the theater and into truly seeing the Sydney Opera House. and the hearts that broke to bring it to life.

In a statement by writer and composer Jesse Layt, he says:

Work of Art is the story of people who are willing to sacrifice everything to make their artistic voice heard. Coming out of a time when artists were sidelined and arts organizations ignored, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate subject to interrogate and explore through the prism of modern Australia.

As an Australian artist, I strongly believe that providing Australian stories with a major theatrical platform is essential for the future of our industry. Being able to offer commercial theater producers an Australian product with the reach and potential to stand alongside the oldest and most profitable musicals is a key ambition driving the development of Work of Art. I look forward to sharing this deeply Australian story with the people of Sydney.

Audiences will have two chances to experience this first glimpse of a new Australian musical – 6pm and 8.30pm on Wednesday August 24 at the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre.