New Colorado Music You Need to Know – September Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new music from Colorado. Each month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries in the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you’d like us to check out? Send to [email protected] for exam.

Summer is coming to an end, which means it’s time to swap your warm weather playlists for fall soundtracks – and at least a few recent releases from the local music scene deserve a place in your spin. This month’s roundup features a stacked lineup of talented female singers, hip-hop lyricists and brutally heavy bands.

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Five Upcoming Local Acts

I’m reading

Listen if you like Awkwafina


Born and raised in Denver, I’m reading combines rap verses with hip-hop beats defined by the artist’s unique perspective. And while the finished pieces may be the result of artistic experimentation, the end result reflects the polish of an artist who will continue to experiment until they are happy with the final product, no matter how long that takes. .

rusty steve

Listen if you like kennyhoopla

Although he was no stranger to the local scene, until the release of his debut single, rusty steve has gained wide attention for his collaborations with other artists like N3ptune. But that didn’t stop the artist from exploring his own perspective as an artist. And with the release of his latest uptempo single, “SAVE FACE”, Rusty Steve proves he’s more than a collaborator – he’s his own musical tour de force.

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curious things

Listen if you like Barenaked Ladies

curious things are so new to the local music scene that they have only released one single so far. But it’s a promising single that portends a bright future for the energetic alternative rock band.

heated bones

Listen if you like Arctic Monkeys

Following the low-key release of their debut single earlier this year, indie rock band heated bones has already released a full album. With little information on social media or elsewhere, Heated Bones offers little information on who they are outside of their seven-track debut.

trash cat

Listen if you like Nina de Simone

Dynamic and full of fun, trash cat weaves jazzy beats and funky beats that are almost impossible not to dance to.

Five new local songs

LVDY – “The Ditch”

Listen if you like Clairo

If you caught LVDYtook place at the Underground Music Showcase last month, then LVDY’s new single won’t be entirely new to you — you’ve already heard the duo perform it for the first time on the festival’s Underground stage. But if you haven’t had a chance to hear it, or if you’re dying to add it to your weekly rotation, we have good news: it’s finally available to stream.

Schama Noel – “King Midas”

Listen if you like J. Cole

As per usual, Schama NoelThe flow of is irresistibly listenable on every track of its latest unabridged version, It is a game that is played by two. Sitting on ten tracks and clocked in at less than 30 minutes, the rapid-fire album finds Noel’s expert lyricism and beat-making master effortlessly guiding listeners from track to track.

Grace DeVine “Mangos”

Listen if you like Nora Jones

Local singer-songwriter Grace DeVine opens her latest single with smooth vocal harmonies that make way for easy pop beats and introspective lyrics.

Fruta Brutal – “Cultura Vampira”

Listen if you like Maná

A recent transplant in Denver, brutal fruit is a remarkable new addition to the local Latin scene. The Ecuadorian-born solo artist quickly caught our attention with his latest single, “Cultura Vampira,” an irresistibly listenable single from his forthcoming album.

Isadora Eden – “Cut Your Hair”

Listen if you like

Isadora Eden teamed up with an impressive lineup of local actors on their latest album Blankets, which finds local duos covering tracks from a variety of big names. In the middle of the album Eden duet with Bellhoss to cover a song by a 90s indie rock band Curb.

Five new local music videos

Fox Lake – “Dog Eats Dog”

Listen if you like 156/Silence

Fox LakeThe second single of the year is as raw as it is heavy. And the clip for the track only serves to take things to another level – it amps up frantic guitar riffs and aggressive vocals with violent visuals and abrupt transitions that offer no respite as they transition from one scene to another.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves – “Demons”

Listen if you like Harley Poe

A lead single from their recent album, the music video for “Demons” is long overdue, but well worth the wait. Putting Tejon Street Corner Thieves Under the spotlight, the video follows the band’s classic music video formula: scenes of the band performing their song are intercut with scenes of the story told by the lyrics.

Julian Fulco Perron – “Not So Fast”

Listen if you like

Simple and sweet, Julien Fulco Perron explores love and companionship with their latest video, which follows a groovy couple as they dash through open fields and settle in for a picnic under cherry blossoms.

Dreadnought – “Gears of Violent Endurance”

Listen if you like Haunter

The first video clip of battleshipThe recent release of “Gears of Violent Endurance” takes fans into the recording studio for an inside look at the metal band’s latest album, infinity.

Retrofette – “Housemuzak”

Listen if you like TV on the radio

Created with a carefully curated collection of home recordings, Retrofettes The latest music video is captivating in its simplicity – the nostalgia of old film reels dance across the screen, featuring an array of unexpected scenes, from birds on bicycles to an elephant waterskiing. The release of “Housemuzak” follows the release of the band’s very personal debut album, which was released last week.