New music from Ronela Hajati, Miki Núñez, TIX and more

The Eurovision 2022 season is in full swing. Over the next few months, we’ll all fall in love and love with dozens of new national final and Eurovision appearances. But this does not mean that we forget the artists of the past competitions.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth of killer song contest careers, we’re still thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are on the rise.

Here’s our latest weekly roundup with a selection of some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New Music from Eurovision Artists: 2022 | Week 5

Ronela Hajati & MatoLale – “GIPS”

Ronela Hajati may be revamping her Eurovision 2022 entry, but she still found time to drop a brand new song. “GIPS” sees the Albanian star collaborating with MatoLale. It’s a catchy R&B-pop track that’s easy to dance to. This is demonstrated in the music video, with Ronela and MatoLale having fun at a party.

Fabrizio Moro – La mia voce

Between his appearances at San Remo Festival 2022Fabrizio Moro also released the new EP my voice (My voice). There are six tracks and that naturally includes his San Remo 2022 entry “Sei tu”. The Italian star of Eurovision 2018 offers a varied repertoire on the EP. In addition to ballads, such as “Sei tu” and “Le cose che hai ha dire”, there are also some livelier songs, including “La mia voce” and “Continuare a cercare”.

Anxhela Peristeri – n’Tirane

The Albanian Anxhela Peristeri offered us the new EP n’Tirane (In Tirana). Consisting of five songs, they all capture the feel of Albanian music and function as an ode to the country and home town of Anxhela. The Eurovision 2021 singer has so far released two music videos for the EP’s songs – ‘n’Tirane’ and ‘Me ty do dehem’.

Miki Nuñez – “10 Minutes”

Miki Núñez returns to high school for “10 Minutos” (“10 Minutes”). The music video features the Spanish Eurovision 2019 star in classrooms and hallways as he tries to convince a girl to go out with him. This is accompanied by the fiery punk-pop track, which ultimately helps him achieve his goal after performing the song at a school performance. And the song’s standout lyric is most definitely, “As they said in Pokémon, I choose you.”

TIX – “Av Og Pa”

The last episode of Hver gang vi møtes was centered around rapper Arif. Eurovision 2021 singer TIX took Arif’s “AV&PÅ” and interpreted it as “Av Og På” (“Off And On”). As always, the Norwegian star transformed the song into his own musical style, giving us a pop version.

Justyna Steczkowska – “Ra Ma Da Sa”

In the wake of her latest single, Justyna Steczkowska has just released “Ra Ma Da Sa”. Once you’ve memorized these four sounds, you’ve pretty much learned the entire song. The Polish Eurovision 1995 star repeats the title over and over for the duration of the song – that’s seven minutes and 18 seconds of ‘Ra Ma Da Sa’. Despite the repetitiveness, the song manages to retain its mystical quality throughout. In an Instagram post, Steczkowska asked fans to use the song as a mantra: “Listen to the mantra in solitude in the energy of your heart…and let it work small miracles in your daily life.”

Elena Tsagrinou & DJ Stephan – “Epafi”

Cypriot Eurovision 2021 star Elena Tsagrinou has teamed up with DJ Stephan for new track ‘Epafi’. Although many people’s minds may automatically turn to dance music when they see “DJ”, this new song is actually more urban (in line with Stephan’s other discography). In the music video, we see Elena trying to process the couple’s breakup while reminiscing about some of the times they had together.

Connect-R & Andrés Chiriac – “VagaBond”

Connect-R contributed to “VagaBond”, Andrés Chiriac’s new single. You’ll have to wait a bit for the Moldovan Eurovision 2006 rapper to appear – his verse comes halfway through the track. Musically, “Vagabond” is an R&B offering with a slightly laid-back vibe.

Sébastien Tellier – SYMPHONIC

Sébastien Tellier is a Chanel ambassador. The French Eurovision 2008 act recently composed new music for the fashion house’s Spring/Summer 2022 Haute Couture show – yes, the one where a horse strutted down the runway. Tellier was also there to perform the tracks that make up the new EP SYMPHONIC. But don’t expect to hear too much of the Eurovision alum’s voice, as they’re all instrumental except for “Carried by the Wind.”

NICO (feat. Carbon) – “Oscar de d’or”

“And no actor would be better than me / To be able to obtain / An Oscar of pain / I would not have chosen another setting”. NICO taps into his pain for new single “Oscar de dor” (“Oscar of Pain”). The Romanian Eurovision 2008 star has said her life could be a movie considering the upheavals she has been through when it comes to love. However, she adds “In the end, I wouldn’t have chosen another role”.

Vanna – “Želja”

Vanna released “Želja” (“Desire”). The Croatian participant in Eurovision 2001 offers a wholesome ballad with orchestral accompaniment. As the music video begins to focus on Vanna’s face, it then zooms out to show that she is actually performing at a bar.

Glen Vella (feat. Avenue Sky) – “Ħarsa Biss”

Glen Vella won Muzika Muzika 2021 with his song “Ħarsa Biss” (“Just Look”). Malta’s Eurovision 2011 act has now released a new rendition of the song featuring Avenue Sky, who took part in Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018. This new version lacks the progressive construction of the original. Instead, it sinks to a relatively stable location for the duration.

Artem Kacher (with Ani Lorak) – “Материк”

Eurovision 2008 finalist Ani Lorak teamed up with Russian artist Artem Kacher for the song “Материк” (“Mainland”). Artem delivers the verses while Lorak arrives with a danceable beat for the chorus. In her lyrics, the Ukrainian singer castigates Artem’s advances: “Without changing the phone / We have changed continents / It’s definitely not love / You’re just used to me”.

Olga Seryabkina – “Синий цвет твоей любви”

Olga Seryabkina’s latest song is “Синий цвет твоей любви” (“The blue color of your love”). The first chorus brings an electronic dance beat that sets up the rest of the track. However, it’s never fully EDM, but rather simmers on a more subtle level. The Russian Eurovision 2007 star sings “The blue color of your love / Offer to surrender / The blue color of your love / I really love it”.

Jeroen van der Boom – “Veel te laat”

Jeroen van der Boom is a member of De Toppers, the Dutch supergroup that participated in Eurovision 2009. Jeroen is simultaneously pursuing a solo career, his latest single being “Veel te laat” (“Too late”). It’s a steady ballad with a sweet guitar melody underlining it. The accompanying music video shows a woman filing for divorce. Although her husband may sue her, she knows it’s too late for this relationship to work.

Clouseau – “Stil”

Clouseau represented Belgium at Eurovision 1991. Their latest single is “Stil” (“Quiet”). It lives up to its name during the first half, with a peaceful mix of acoustic guitar and strings. But once halfway through, things start to build and the song ends with an electric guitar solo.

Which of these new songs is your favorite? Did we miss any? Do you have any artists you would like to thank? Let us know in the comments.