Overview of new songs! Check out new tracks from Tank and the Bangas, Diddy, Chance, beabadoobee, Meridian Brothers and more

Hello and welcome to our running series where we share with you our favorite new songs and music videos of the week!

In this week’s episode, hear new tracks from Tank and the Bangas, beabadoobee, Phoebe Bridgers, Meridian Brothers, and more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the new music.

1. Tank and the Bangas

The remarkable and versatile New Orleans released two new works this week. The first was the visualizer video for the musical poem “Easy Goes It,” which features Lalah Hathaway. The second is the band’s latest single, “There Goes The Neighborhood”, which you can check out below. Tank is so full of energy and talent, and the band shines. Both songs are taken from their album red balloonwhich recently fell.

2. beabadoobee

The popular bedroom pop artist released her latest single earlier this week. The song, “10:36”, mixes electric guitar riffs and electronic production to create the perfect sound bed for bea to soar on. Her airy, brilliant vocals get the job done, delivering catchy and insightful lyrics, reminiscent of early pop-punk tunes.

3. Meridian Brothers

The delicious jerky sounds of Colombian musician Eblis Álvarez, frontman of the Meridian Brothers band, are front and center with the band’s latest single, “Triste Son”. Boasting a combination of traditional and non-traditional sounds and rhythms, the song is as uplifting as it is fresh.

4. Trampled by turtles

The stalwart string band from Duluth, Minnesota released their latest single earlier this week. The song, “It’s So Hard to Hold On,” demonstrates the band’s deft ways of finding the depths of your eardrums with a catchy twang and beautiful musicianship. Check out the band’s soulful new single below.

5. Enumclaw

Lively Pacific Northwest rock band Enumclaw released their latest single and accompanying music video for the track “Jimmy Neutron” earlier this week. The band, which boasts of being the best rock band since Oasis, offers distorted guitars and buzzy vocals that might just be your favorites. Check out the new work, which extends a new LP release later this year.

6. Bret McKenzie

One half of popular comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, Bret McKenzie released his latest single earlier this week. The song, “Dave’s Place”, is a catchy piano-driven song that also hints at a new LP release later this year. songs without jokes. Check out the new song, which evokes 80s dance-pop, below.

7. Dawes

The Americana stars released their final single on Friday June 17 ahead of the band’s next album, Doomscroller Misadventures. The new single, “Everything Is Permanent”, is a nice and playful song about the curiosities of life. Led by Taylor Goldsmith, the husband of singer-actor Mandy Moore, Dawes is climbing the ranks of popular bands and with their new LP, that rise will likely only continue for the rest of the year.

8. Phoebe Bridgers

The acclaimed rocker performed her latest single, “Sidelines,” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. The song is part of the soundtrack for the Hulu series Conversations With Friends. In the performance, Bridgers was adorned in her now-iconic skeleton outfit, along with her bandmates. The emotive track starts pensive and stays pensive.

9. Sean “Diddy” Combs

Sean “Diddy” Combs has released his new single, “Gotta Move On”. The new song is coming to Combs’ new label, Love Records, and it will also appear on his upcoming LP, also on the label. Check out the new R&B song below.

10. Chance the Rapper

Chance has released their latest single and accompanying music video. The song, “The Highs & The Lows”, features Joey Bada$$. The song showcases her soft yet deep vocals and fun yet thought provoking lyrics. Chance continues to work and is one of the most productive artists. He also donates a lot to charity. Which guy.

11. Babyface and Ella Mai

The two successful songwriters have teamed up for a new single. The song, “Keeps On Fallin”, is as smooth as you can imagine. It’s the song you want to play when you decide to head out for the night and head towards your final destination, the lights flashing, the chatter bouncing off the walls. It is a success.

12. MØ

Danish artist MØ has released her latest single and accompanying music video for the track “True Romance”. The artist, who just wrapped up a tour of the United States, offers his signature cutting vocals on the new song, which elicits and revels in his own artistry. Check out the catchy new single below.

13. John Legend

Boasting one of the best singing voices on the planet, John Legend released his latest single earlier this week. The song, “Honey,” showcases Legend’s supreme soul and ability to take the English language and decorate it with flavor and style. Check out his new track below.

14. The Beverly Grinder

Northwestern rockers Beverly Crusher released their latest single earlier this week ahead of the release of the new LP. The new cut, “Soap”, propels and thrusts and delivers raging riffs and echoing vocals. The accompanying music video is a trippy ride from the first drum hit to the last. Check out the new track below. This will knock your socks off!

15. Flo Milli

Sharp-tongued rapper Flo Milli has released her latest single, “Conceited.” The song is boastful and fiery. It’s the kind of song you listen to when you want to pump yourself up, believe in your puffy chest and have the energy to strut your stuff.

16. La Luz

The dreamy indie rockers released a new single earlier this week. This song, “San Fernando Shadow Blues”, features the Los Angeles-based band’s signature harmonies and vocalist Shana Cleveland’s talent for writing songs that move your mind and soul into sound.

17. Maneskin

The heavy rockers have released a new song for the Elvis movie. The new track, “If I Can Dream,” is a slower, more thoughtful song from the normally heavy international band. But it’s a welcome and nuanced departure from the film’s soundtrack. Check out the new track below.

Photo by: Rich Polk/NBC