Pink Floyd’s live albums appear discreetly on streaming services

Like an echo of a distant time, a dozen previously unreleased Pink Floyd albums have quietly surfaced on streaming services this week. All of the concerts took place between 1970 and 1972, spanning the period in which the band released Mother Heart Atom (1970), Mingle (1971), and Obscured by clouds (1972), and had already started playing songs by The dark side of the moon (1973).

One recording – a concert in Tokyo in March 1972 – features an almost complete performance of Dark side in order, a whole year before its release. The songs are loose and jammy in a way you don’t hear on the studio version. Most of the well-known sound effects on the record are completely different and “Money” features unusual percussion.

The September and October 1971 recordings are also notable for sandwiching the dates when Pink Floyd locked himself in the ancient amphitheater at Pompeii where they performed in front of a ghost audience for a film concert released the following year. The live albums contain songs that appeared in the film, including renditions of “Echoes”, “A Saucerful of Secrets” and “One of These Days”, all of which were featured in the Pompeii sequence of the film.

All recordings are copyrighted by Pink Floyd Music Ltd., which suggests that these are official band releases. Their release can be programmed to extend recording rights. In 2013, a Sony representative explained Bob Dylan’s release of uncirculated music by saying Rolling stone, “Copyright law in Europe was recently extended from 50 to 70 years for anything recorded in 1963 and beyond. Along with all of the above, there is a new “Use it or lose it” provision. It was basically saying, ‘If you haven’t used the recordings in the first 50 years, you won’t have them anymore.’ “

Pink Floyd probably released the EP already, 1965: their first recordings, in 2015 for this reason. The recordings resurfaced later in the band Early childhood box.

Titles, according to Ultimate Classic Rock, include:

They came in peace, live, University of Leeds 1970 University of Washington 1971
Live in Grosser Saal, Musikhalle, Hamburg, West Germany February 25, 1971
Mauerspechte Berlin Sportpalast, live June 5, 1971

Live, Lyon June 12, 1971, Tokyo March 16, 1972
Living in Rome Palaeur June 20, 1971
Amsterdamse Bos Free Concert June 26, 1971 (Live)

Living in Montreux on September 18 & 19, 1971
KB Hallen, Copenhagen, live September 23, 1971
KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Vol II, live September 23, 1971
Over Bradford Pigs on Groove Bradford University, live October 10, 1971
Embryo, San Diego, live October 17, 1971
Les Abdabs Hurlants Québec, live on November 10, 1971