Pusha-T addresses Drake quoting his words on video with his son Adonis

Drake recently captioned a video of his son Adonis posted on Instagram with lyrics by Pusha-T, and now the rapper has given his thoughts on the reference.

Last month, Drizzy shared a video in which his son speaks briefly in French. “I’ve been around the world three times, I mean what I say,” he captioned the post, which refers to the Clipse song “Cot Damn.” Considering Drake and Push’s past, particularly the latter’s diss song “The Story of Adonis,” the choice seemed curious to some fans. On the last episode of 360 with Speedy MormanPush offered his thoughts and suggested he was ready to overstep his beef with the Toronto rapper.

“I thought he was supporting his son, that he spoke French,” he said at 10:00 p.m. of the interview. When asked if he thought it was “suspicious” to post the lyrics, Push replied, “No, not with his son, ever. I wouldn’t think that. I wouldn’t put my son in, like, that type of energy.” He pointed out that Drake was a Clipse fan, so he understands why he chose to caption the post with that line. “I think it was just a parallel with, like you said, his French-speaking son,” he said, “I don’t think it’s anything other than that.

Shortly after, the subject returned to his history with Drizzy, which broke out in 2018 around the release of Daytona. “I already looked beyond that,” he said of their beef. “I don’t look to that anymore. … The past is the past, as far as I know. He reflected on Drake and Ye’s past differences and mentioned that he thought it “worked really well” to see Drake and Kanye as friends even though it surprised him. “I said [Ye]’It might be good for you’,” he added, confirming it and Kanye talked about ending the beef with the 6 God ahead of the Free Larry Hoover event.

Elsewhere in the interview, he affirmed his confidence in his upcoming album. “There’s no album better than mine this year,” he told Morman at 2:00. As for when fans can expect it, he said it should go down over the next two to three months. He also revealed that half is produced by Kanye West, while the other half is produced by the Neptunes.

“Nobody makes better music with these two entities than me,” he said. “I want people to stop working with them because it kind of cheapens what I do.” He admitted it was “selfish” to want to keep the Neptunes and Kanye to himself, but laughed that it “irritated” him sometimes to see them produce for other artists. Speaking of Kanye, he revealed why he now calls his close associate “Yezos” and confirmed that it was a play on the name of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos due to Kanye’s financial situation.

As for who people can expect from Pusha’s new record, when it comes to features, he kept his lips shut but hinted there would be some heavy hitters on the tracklist. “Of course I have a verse of people on my album,” he said, but denied rumors that he worked with Jay-Z or Jeezy on the album. “I think everyone involved is great in their space,” he said at 4:10 p.m. “I needed this, because I needed this to match the greatness of the production. … Pharrell and Ye, in particular, they only like to work with a certain level of artists when it’s rap time.

At 1:30 p.m., Pusha hinted that there were “many tracks” on the album that he could see Jay-Z rapping on. In fact, he said that when it comes to Jay, he can “count on him to say something that I can’t say.” He will only contact him for work if he is “totally satisfied” with his own verse, but also wants something else to happen.

Considering Pusha’s latest album consisted of a measly seven tracks, he accepted the accusation that it’s “a ploy” to inflate streaming numbers when musicians include lots of tracks on their albums. “I don’t hear classics that are usually that long,” he said at 5:00 p.m. “Or maybe they just love everything they do so much. … Me, personally, I have a very clear and concise view of what I do. He promised the next record would be “all killer no filler “.

His next feature will complete his recording contract with Def Jam, and Pusha said that while the label “has been great”, he’s been quiet about his future plans. “The music climate…it’s very different from when I started. So who knows? I’m not going to stop creating,” he said at 6:20 p.m. No matter where he heads next, he wants to stay on good terms with Ye’s GOOD Music label. He also denied contract rumors he shared online, and said it was just Kanye signing the benefits of his comeback catalog and upcoming record.

Watch the full interview with Pusha-T above.