PXSSY PALACE Announces First Overflo Music and Arts Festival

LGBTQ+ arts platform PXSSY PALACE has announced its first-ever music and arts festival.

As of 2020, LGBTQ+ events around the world have been limited or non-existent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the lack of in-person events for the queer community, PXSSY PALACE co-founder Nadine Noor Ahmad and BBZ co-founder Naeem Davis teamed up to create the Overflo Festival.

The upcoming event is set to bring the LGBTQ+ community back to dance floors and creative spaces with performances from some of the hottest talent in queer, trans, non-binary, black, Indigenous and POC music.

Taking place on September 18 in Burgess Park, South London, the multi-stage event will feature a range of genres including alternative hip-hop, house music, dancehall and more.

Apart from the entertainment aspect, Overflo also offers workshops, talks, arts and culture that attendees can immerse themselves in.

A press release for the event reads: “The Overflo Festival will unapologetically proclaim homosexuality, on the dance floor and throughout the carefully curated festival grounds. Created from years of experience, participation and experimentation, Overflo is destined to become a staple for music and art within the emerging inclusive festival scene. Aiming to provide a liberating escape for the LGBTQ+ and BPoC community, including the people who love and support them.

In a joint statement, Ahmad and Davis provided further insight into the event and its importance to the LGBTQ+ community.

“As curators, we care about everything we can, from opportunities to events. Overflo is no different. The festival is a natural progression from what we have done as a team with Lesbian, PXSSY PALACE, BBZ and The Sanctuary,” Ahmad said.

“People can expect meaningful retention, unforgettable experiences, care, and come away feeling nourished and uplifted.”

Davis echoed similar sentiments and described the creation of Overflo as “long overdue”.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a festival indulging in the oonst-oonst, all too aware of who wasn’t there, or who would like it but could never feel at home. comfortable here. It goes without saying that Overflo is long overdue,” Davis said.

More information regarding the diverse lineup and schedule of events will be announced in the coming weeks.

You can register for general tickets and learn more about the upcoming LGBTQ+ inclusive event, Click here.