Ranking of new songs from the group’s anthology album “Proof”

On June 10, BTS released an anthology album titled Evidence. The album features three CDs filled with past BTS hits, never-before-seen demos, and new songs. The three new songs from the anthology album are: “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”, “Run BTS” and “For Youth”.

For fun, Showbiz Cheat Sheet ranks the three new songs included in BTS’ album Evidence.

BTS | Photo courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

3. “For young people”

“For the Young” is included on the third Evidence CD, and it’s the last song on the whole album. While the third CD is only available on the physical copy of the album, “For Youth” is available to listen to on music streaming and purchase platforms as a gift for fans.

Right from the start of the song, it’s clear that the song itself is a gift for ARMY. “For Youth” opens with a snippet of BTS’s 2016 song “Outro: Young Forever,” which was released on BTS’s compilation album. The most beautiful moment in life: young forever.

With “For Youth,” BTS affirms their love for ARMY and promises to always be there for their fan base.

“You’re my best friend/For the rest of my life/I wish I could turn back time/When everything was easy then (At that time)/I should have told you more (You say) / I’ll be with you / For the rest of my life, ooh, ooh, yeah / Rest of my life,” BTS sings in “For Youth.”

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2. “Yet to come (the most beautiful moment)”

“Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” is the first single from Evidence. An alternative hip-hop song, “Yet to Come,” finds BTS reminiscing about their past and reassuring listeners that their future as a group will be even greater.

The music video for “Yet to Come” is filled with references to old BTS music videos. Following the release of EvidenceJin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have announced plans to focus more on solo promotions.

With this knowledge in mind, “Yet to Come” does a solid job of launching a new era for BTS as a group.

The song opens with the lyrics: “Was it honestly the best?/ ‘Cause I just wanna see the next one/ Passing on steadily/ All our yesterdays so pretty/ Yeah, the past was honestly the best/ But my best is this which comes next.”

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1. ‘Run BTS’

As “Yet to Come” sets the tone for Evidencemaking it a great choice for the album’s first single, we think “Run BTS” is the best new song on Evidence.

“Run BTS” opens the album’s second CD. The song features all seven members, while the rest of the songs on the second CD are solo and sub-unit tracks.

An intense hip-hop title, “Run BTS” captures everything fans love about the septet. It sounds like a song from the band’s early discography, causing nostalgia. The title of the song also pays homage to BTS’ beloved variety show of the same name.

With the song, BTS revisits their dedication and drive for success over the years, leading to the BTS fans know and love today.

“If we live fast, die young / Don’t lose our mind / Move it, left and right / No matter who you are / Move it, left and right / Two bare feet are our essence, yeah, yeah,” the group sings in “Run BTS.”

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