Respect the customs followed in each region of the country, says RBI

A day after an argument broke out over some of his the staff wouldn’t get up when Tamil Thaai Vazhthu, the Tamil anthem, was played during Republic Day celebrations at its office here, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said on Thursday that it abides by the customs and practices followed in each region of the country and has secured his position with the government of Tamil Nadu as well.

Tamil Thaai Vazhthu, an invocation song sung in praise of the Tamil mother, was declared a state song by the government last month, demanding that those present, except pregnant women and people with disabilities, remain standing during his interpretation.

RBI said in a statement that the song was sung on Republic Day on Wednesday as a “mark of deference to Tamil culture and language”.

“However, subsequently, in the ensuing uproar, some unnecessary statements regarding the song were made which were unwarranted and regrettable. We are aware that Tamil Thaai Vazhthu is the state song of Tamil Nadu. We would like to reiterate that as a regulator, we respect the habits and customs followed in each region of the country,” the central bank said.

He said representatives from the RBI regional office here, headed by Regional Director SMN Swamy, called the state finance minister, P Thiaga Rajan, and “assured our position in this regard.”