Rexdale Rapper Moula Releases Debut Album “Michael”

Moula 1st continues to hit an arsenal of firecrackers with her explosive new album, Michael. Divided into two different discs, the new album 17 pieces reaffirm the fiery coherence in which Moula 1st engages with both his music and his demeanor.

The Rexdale rapper’s new album watches him metamorphose his brash persona through five famous Mikes – Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Michael Phelps and Mike Myers – placing himself as one of the greatest and taking on anyone who doubts his competence. .

The album’s first track, “Olympic Mike”, was released in April and solidly signifies the contagious bravado that Moula 1st naturally emits throughout this album. “Back to back, 16 months / Look what I did / Olympic Mike, it’s just for fun / 66 points, it looks like I won”, he raps on the track, his flow controlling the hazy output with each verse.

The back-to-back fuss that Moula 1er is referring to are probably the 31 clips he released this year alone, as well as the three albums (Magneto, Pandemic Rex and Revenge) he released last year. Accompanied by the exit of Michael, Moula 1st is packed with lyrical and creative ammunition to take it further into the upper echelons of Toronto’s rap scene.

Flux Michael below.