Rich Fayden on helping new artists launch their careers in the music industry

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Every day new artists emerge in the music industry, their incredible talents paving the way for ageless music with unique lyricism and style. However, these newcomers often struggle to break into the cutthroat industry due to the lack of proper relationships with producers, record labels, and promoters. To ensure they get the right support as they launch their career in the music industry, Rich Fayden uses his long relationship to help them navigate the music industry and get the right people to recognize their work.

Rich Fayden is an experienced A&R coordinator with over two decades of experience in discovering musical talent. As a consultant and executive producer, he has collaborated with many well-known artists and record labels in the music industry. Discovering musical talent and connecting them with industry leaders is something Rich has been doing for years, and he excels at it. “I’m doing this because no one’s ever done it for me. So I want to help get some great music out there, help cut out all the competition and the clutter that’s out there now for new, up-and-coming artists,” says -he.

A dedicated music entrepreneur, Rich’s journey in the music industry began in 1996 when he signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, one of the industry’s best-known American record labels. After signing the new contract, he started working with music leaders like Max Martin, Rodney Jerkins, Diane Warren and Brian Malouf.

With his ear for hit songs and deep relationships with the industry, the power player knew he wanted to do more for unrecognized talent, so he dedicated himself to finding and discovering new talent and helped them connect the dots that would get them closer to their goals. . He implemented his plans in 2003 using emerging Internet platforms such as “Talent Match”, which he created, as well as “MySpace” to find upcoming artists, from rappers to musicians.

His brilliant initiative laid the groundwork for what would soon become a breeding ground for the superstars of tomorrow, many of whom he was lucky enough to discover, such as acclaimed artists Shawn Mendes, Jack Harlow, Halsey, Sam Smith and Conan. Gray, including the others. Additionally, he has worked with top labels and branded producers such as Dave Aude, Oak Felder, Ian Kirkpatrick and The Monsters and Strangerz, to name a few.

As he puts it, “If I felt these artists had something extraordinary, I contacted them, then sent their links and introduced them to industry executives who might be interested in their music. I have never sought to draw fame from it; did what I could to help give these artists a fair chance to be heard.”

In a music industry now dominated by streams and follower count, Rich Fayden continues to use his expertise and industry connections to help new artists get their foot in the door to have a real chance to succeed.

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