Rock Roots Artist Brother T LoveJones Releases New Hit Song Down Home Boy

Down Home Boy – Brother T LoveJones

Jacuzzi, music video Down Home Boy, Brother T LoveJones

Down Home Boy Music Video – Brother T LoveJones

Patio, Down Home Boy Music Video, Brother T LoveJones

Sandstone Ranch Down Home Boy Music Video – Brother T LoveJones

Brother T LoveJones offers a unique musical flair that combines good ol ‘Americana with a contemporary feel that is taking the charts by storm.

I love music . I like to enjoy myself”

– Brother T LoveJones

LOS ANGELES, CA, United States, Nov. 19, 2021 / – Emerging online as one of the best new singer-songwriters, Brother T offers another classic version for all music lovers, young and old. less young. Shot in the iconic Sandstone Ranch, a 15 acre Flinkman estate in the Santa Monica Mountains. LoveJones’ new song and music video bring her magical lyrics to life: “I love music. I like to enjoy myself. ”

The party doesn’t end, when his band has one of the best musicians in rock and country history to play the keys to legendary David B. Cohen. It’s even better when the beautiful and talented Katja Rieckermann hooks up to the saxophone on video and the horn track has been played by the incomparable Arno Hecht. The Lovettes (Letty, LaLa and Lori) maintain this soulful rhythm non-stop with their melodic vocals in accompaniment. This contagious new song shows its foundations on the drum track played by Cody Morrison and in the Sami Hashem video. Everything is combined with the virtuoso guitar licks of Ivan Rivera.

With an incredible cast, IG models Tiffany Joe, Kat Taylor and Tamara Lee keep BTL in good company. It also has cameos from top artist and philanthropist Andre Roberson with his wife Shawnee Witt.

Having a team of stars to produce your project was the recipe for success. The video was shot by one of the best photographers in the industry, Tariq Kohgadai. He brought in an editor of extraordinary talent and futuristic effects, Mario Moskino. The help of the industry icon’s production manager, TeeJay Morehouse, was invaluable. The music for the song was produced by Brian “King Scruff” Castle of FurBall Productions. who also played bass on the track.

By teaming up with executive producer #Keith “Dj Proper” Jordan once again, they’re giving fans undeniable proof that Brother T LoveJones is most definitely a Down Home Boy and here he is !!!

8:00 p.m. PST World Premiere on Friday 11/19/21

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Down Home Boy (original music video)