Salvadoran singer recalls his performance with Vicente Fernández – NBC Los Angeles

Vicente Fernández was the king of Mexico and Latin America. His music has marked generations and inspired other artists.

One of these artists was José Reyes, known as Charro de Cuscatlán, who had the honor of sharing the stage with Don Chente.

“In 1999, in the month of June, on the occasion of Father’s Day,” recalls Reyes. “There he toured Central America”

Vicente Fernández had already visited El Salvador in 1977 and returned there 22 years later, after the end of the armed conflict that affected this Central American country.

It was one of the two occasions Reyes had to sing with the “Charro de Huentitán”, in the first part of his concert.

“I was forbidden to sing his songs. I had to sing songs from other artists,” Reyes says.

However, this earned him the praise of “Don Chente”.

“But he got his attention and said ‘this singing young man, when he’s done, bring him to me to congratulate and greet him.’”

Later, at the National Gymnasium of El Salvador, the ranchero singer had the honor of singing with Fernández. A dream he couldn’t believe.

“A great star, presenting me in front of thousands of people in this place. It’s very pleasant, ”Reyes recalls. “It sounded like a dream. I even pinched myself and you can see in the video I’m pinching myself to see if it’s real. “

Now these memories are left and remember and sing her hits again

“He has always been my idol. Today, because he passed away, I feel a great void. We are all moved “

This story was first reported by Telemundo 52. To read it in Spanish, click here.