Savage Republic Shares New Single And Music Video, Announces Album Release Date

Savage Republic is happy to share the official video for their single “Stingray” featured on their album Meteors May 20 in North America via Mobilization Recordings (Ordered). On the song, Ethan Port of Savage Republic says, “Powerful on the energy of our local surf break, ‘Stingray’ echoes the cinematic ‘Eastern’ inspirations of our 1986 album Ceremonial, but more fiercely – capturing the sonic complexity and the power of the current range.” “Stingray” will air all streaming platforms on friday for all playlist shares.

Coming from the Los Angeles underground of the 1980s, Savage Republic has forged an astonishing reputation as pioneers of post-punk-industrial art. Throughout the 1980s, their five albums combined with their legendary live performances blurred and distorted the boundaries of post-punk, industrial and soundtrack music – all beautifully wrapped in Bruce Licher’s innovative graphic design.

After 1989, the Republic fell silent. 13 years passed before they briefly resurfaced for a reunion tour of the United States in support of the reissue of their five studio albums and associated singles on CD. Thom Fuhrmann, Ethan Port and Greg Grunke revived the band in 2005, and in 2006 they added drummer extraordinaire Alan Waddington to the fold. This range released full length 1938 LP on Neurot Recordings (2007) and a punchy tribal cover of The Cure’s “Hanging Garden” on a compilation CD included in the French magazine Fear Drop #14 (2008).In 2009, Savage Republic decided to raise their game. With the departure of Greg Grunke, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Kerry Dowling joined the band and they haven’t looked back since! The current four-piece lineup (Thom Fuhrmann, Ethan Port, Kerry Dowling and Alan Waddington) has taken the band’s discography to a whole new level with their explosive live performances. Touring regularly in Europe, they have created a live set that never lets the audience catch their breath – four musicians in their 40s, 50s and 60s playing with the passion and energy of bands 1/3 their age. This oldest formation of the group have released the complete albums Varvakios (2012) and Aegean (2014) and singles “1938”/”Taranto” – on the Italian label “A Silent Place” (2009), “God and Guns”/”Tranquilo” (2018) and “1938”/”Siam” (2019) – recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio during their Midwest Trek tour and capturing more of the raw energy this lineup releases live.Meteors features some of Savage Republic’s best work to date. Self-recorded in a secret cavernous location, their mix of tribal textures, political anthems and Morricone-esque surfing instruments once again transport the listener to distant lands that are both haunting and beautiful. One of the many highlights of Meteors is the pandemic-inspired track “Unprecedented” (gifted to the band by Wire’s Graham Lewis) that is sure to become a staple on their set list. This most enduring line-up from Savage Republic has infused the full power of their legendary live performances into a cinematic sonic dreamscape.Over the decades, Savage Republic has performed or collaborated with like-minded artists including Blaine L. Reininger of Tuxedomoon, Einstürzende Neubauten, Flipper, David Yow, Camper Van Beethoven, The Dream Syndicate, Psi-Com, 100 Flowers, Kommunity FK, Christian Death, Sonic Youth, Live Skull, members of Big Black, The Minutemen, Fugazi, the Buzzcocks and Graham Lewis of Wire.