Shazam unveils its 5 artists to watch in 2022

At the top of each year, Shazam uses his data to predict five artists to watch – last year he performed pretty well with Masked Wolf and Tai Verdes – and on Tuesday, the song-identifying app used a combination of its “unique predictive data and algorithms” as well as a few selections from the global editorial team at parent company Apple Music to pick five “artists to watch” in 2022.

The picks and accompanying company explanations are below in full – and check out a playlist with even more predictions here.

Ayra starr
Ayra Starr’s rise this year has been largely driven on her track “Bloody Samaritan”, which had its first Shazam in Lagos. It was released as the first single on Nigerian singer-songwriter’s debut album 19 & Dangerous, but took on a life of its own as listeners were drawn to an alluring violin melody that falls into contagious afropop magic. . An undeniable jam, “Bloody Samaritan” was the most Shazamed song by a local female artist in Nigeria this year – an impressive achievement considering it was only released in July.

Fans of the trio-turned-duo Eslabon Armado probably don’t need to introduce DannyLux. The rising Mexican-American singer is featured on “Jugaste y Sufrí,” which has the honor of being this year’s most Shazamed regional Mexican track. Although it was released in late 2020, TikTok embraced it, helping to propel songwriter DannyLux to new levels of acclaim. He is part of a wave of young artists reinventing corridos for a new generation and should only reach more listeners in the coming year.

Lyn lapid
Singer-songwriter Lyn Lapid is no stranger to viral success – her song “Producer Man” helped jumpstart her career in 2020. With “In My Mind,” a sweet but moving hymn for quiet children, she struck gold again. It became her most Shazamed song, ranking in six countries including Brazil, Indonesia and the United States. While this one hits a slightly different chord with her escape, it only further emphasizes the many tools Lapid has in her arsenal, ready to deploy as she embarks on the New Year.

Sad night dynamite
Mixing a hypnotic mix of electronica, hip-hop and britpop, the duo Sad Night Dynamite has a style that is difficult to define but which nevertheless catches the ear. Their eponymous debut mixtape, in February, swung between genres, but it was their latest single “Demon” that seemed to resonate particularly well. “Demon,” which stars South African musician Moonchild Sanelly, is industrial and menacing, earning a spot on the FIFA 22 soundtrack. He also brought the pair their biggest hit Shazam, with their Daily Shazams from all time peaking soon after its release.

In April, K-pop girl group STAYC released a bubbly bubblegum pop ball titled “ASAP.” And every day since then, the single has remained in the South Korean Shazam chart. Taken from the band’s second single STAYDOM, “ASAP” propelled their rise as they continue to perfect their Technicolor melodies and natural pop skills.