Sonos Radio launches America’s Dead, a limited-release podcast exploring how The Grateful Dead Forever has changed music, culture and consciousness

Sonos Radio launches America’s Dead, a limited-release podcast exploring how The Grateful Dead Forever has changed music, culture and consciousness

Hosted by GRAMMY-winning filmmaker Emmett Malloy, guests include musicians such as Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, Mac DeMarco, Animal Collective, Lila Downs & Branford Marsalis, as well as mycologist Paul Stamets, tour manager Sam Cutler , Dr. Varun Soni, contemporary artist ESPO, Streetwear Label Online Ceramics, Bob Weir in conversation with Margo Price

All ten episodes are now available: LISTEN

Today, Radio Sonos teams up with GRAMMY Award-winning filmmaker, producer and manager Emmet Malloy release all ten episodes of America is dead. With Malloy as host and spirit guide, the limited-edition podcast is an impressionistic, off-the-cuff journey to understand the Grateful Dead’s lasting effect on the country, and why now — more than five decades after sparking the counterculture movement — the group is more alive than already. Through fascinating stories and intoxicating conversations with multiple generations and genres of musicians, a religious scholar and mushroom specialist, artists and streetwear designers, original band members and companies, the founder of a sobriety band and others whose lives were altered by the Grateful Dead, the series explores how the group of misfits went on to forever change American music, culture, and consciousness.

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“This is a podcast about the Grateful Dead – but more than that, it’s about the community that made the dead what they are. A true American experience”, said Emmet Malloywho has been a die-hard Deadhead fan for nearly 40 years, and credits the band with being one of the earliest artistic inspirations in a career that won them the GRAMMY for Best Musical Picture with The Grand Easy Expresscreate documentaries such as The white stripes under the white aurora borealis and those of Netflix Biggie: I have a story to tellmanages Jack Johnson and co-founds Brushfire Records, and directs music videos for The War on Drugs, Blink-182, Metallica and more.

Through the progress of America is dead, the series will also reveal the ultimate power of music to transform identity and create community, revealing what the Grateful Dead can tell us about ourselves. The episodes are structured like a neatly curated setlist, where listeners can experience the show in its entirety, or just one jam at a time.

In the series premiere, Vampire Weekend frontman and unlikely Grateful Dead evangelist Ezra Koenig defends the wisdom of “psychedelic hippie nonsense,” discusses what inspired him most as a songwriter, and why he thinks Kurt Cobain would be a Deadhead too if he were alive today. In the next episode, Dr. Varun Soni – Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California – argues that the dead are actually a religion and talks to a student whose encounter with the band’s music guided both her gender transition and her spiritual growth. In all the rest of America is deadlisteners will also hear incredible tales from the Grateful Dead’s tour manager from 1969 to 1974 Sam Cutlermore a conversation between Margo Price and longtime dead member Bob Weir via Price’s Sonos Radio podcast runaway horsesand the insight of the world’s most famous mycologist, Paul Stametsabout how the dead made mushrooms common.

The second half of the show features Mac DeMarco and members of animal collectiveon how bands today draw inspiration from the Grateful Dead, plus a six-time GRAMMY winner lilac bottom the days she traveled with the dead and sold jewelry on Shakedown Street. Artist ESPO and LA streetwear label Ceramics online discuss the visual language and endurance of iconography such as dancing bears and the steal your face logo, jazz legend Branford Marsalis looks back at the unforgettable audience he witnessed while playing an iconic series of Dead shows in the 1990s, and for the show’s final episode, grateful gift, founder of the sobriety group Wharf Rats, will tell his story. Find the full list of episodes below.

Bringing together over 60,000 broadcast radio stations with over 100 exclusive and original stations and shows, Sonos Radio represents the widest selection of radio available worldwide. America is dead was produced by Scott Newman and Jemma Rose Brown at work x at work, and Joe Dawson at Sonos, and marks the latest in Sonos Radio’s groundbreaking artist-focused podcast series. Additional programming includes Margo Price’s brand new film runaway horsesfeaturing interviews with other pioneers such as Bob Weir, Emmylou Harris, Amythyst Kiah, Swamp Dogg, Bettye LaVette and Lucius, plus a new season of Hanif Abdurraqib object of sound launching tomorrow, and no longer available at

Kizzy O’Neal’s Emmett Malloy

America is dead – List of episodes

1. Ezra Koenig, in Defense of the Dead

2. The Dead Channel God, with Dr. Varun Soni and Sage

3. The Weird Hippy Default Mechanism, with Sam Cutler

4. Margo Price and Bob Weir in conversation

5. Paul Stamets says to eat your mushrooms

6. Mac DeMarco and Animal Collective channel the dead

7. How the dead changed the life of Lila Downs

8. The creation of a visual language, with ESPO and Online Ceramics

9. Branford Marsalis believes in dead heads

10. Finding Sobriety Through the Dead, with Grateful Don

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About Emmett Malloy

Emmett Malloy is part of the director duo The Malloys. Along with his brother Brendan, The Malloys were named to Variety’s 10 Directors to Watch list in 2017 for their feature film. The Tribes of Palos Verdes with Jennifer Garner and Maika Monroe. They are known for creating captivating and cinematic films that transcend the mainstream market. In 2016, Emmett and Brendan executive produced National Geographic Breakthroughseries with Imagine Entertainment and produced HBO’s critically acclaimed cinema verité series ON: Freddie Roach. Other projects include HBO Off season: Kevin Durant, 180oh South, and Nike’s LeBron James “Together” campaign. They’ve done some of the biggest sports commercials of recent years for brands like Nike, ESPN, Apple, Google and NBA. In 2015, the Malloys were nominated for DGA Business Managers of the Year.

Emmett Malloy won a Grammy for Best Musical Picture The Grand Easy Express and was nominated for her intimate portrayal of The white stripes under the white aurora borealis. In 2017, Emmett connected with Ms. Voletta Wallace and Netflix to create the official documentary Notorious BIG, BIGGIE: I have a story to tell., which debuted in 2021. In 2022, a five-part documentary series about the 1992 Olympic Dream Team was released. Malloy also manages musician and environmentalist Jack Johnson. In 1998, the two launched Brushfire Records and became leaders in greening the music industry. Their partnership has led to the sale of nearly 30 million records worldwide.

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