Stromae pays tribute to sex workers in the clip “Fils de Joie”

Stromae has released a video for “Fils de Joie”, which comes from the Belgian artist’s recent album, Multitude. The video is a creative collaboration between Henry Scholfield, Luc Van Haver, Coralie Barbier and Paul Van Haver.

The cinematic clip, which is set in a fictional country, centers on the funeral of a sex worker elevated to hero status. Stromae pays tribute to the deceased woman from a podium during the ceremony.

“The idea for ‘Fils de Joie’ came from watching Faustine Bollaert [French] talk show It starts today“, Stromae said in a statement. “One of his shows was dedicated to the children of sex workers. I was struck because I discovered a world that I did not know at all. A child testified explaining that a client of his mother had come to tell him: “Ah well, yesterday I fucked your mother. I found the most inappropriate sentence and attitude. How can you allow yourself to say such things to a I wanted to take everyone’s point of view since everyone has an opinion of her, but unfortunately we don’t often ask her for hers.

He continues: “So I speak in place of the son, the client, the pimp and the policeman. ‘Fils De Joie’ is in a way a tribute to these women who do this very difficult work, very little recognized, but which exists and which will exist, whether we like it or not.

MultitudeStromae’s third album, arrived March 4th. He recently spoke with rolling stone about the big gap between his releases, explaining, “I just needed to live a normal life. I needed to be inspired.

To make the record, the singer was inspired by the great French-speaking singers Édith Piaf and Jacques Brel. “I think our job is to tell stories. That’s how I see [it],” he explained. “I play with words… It’s a balance between the personal and the universal. It’s important to me that people can relate to my songs. If it’s too personal, I don’t think that’s really interesting.