Taunton music video director Reko Lauren shortlisted for Boston Music Award

TAUNTON — Quitting a job and diving into your passion sounds scary, but Reko Lauren took that risk and now she’s a nominated director.

The journey after losing a job during the height of the pandemic was not easy for Lauren, but she persevered.

“I had to make a lot of music videos for free to get exposure. It was a big investment in myself,” Lauren said.

The self-taught director has spent hours online learning the latest editing techniques and finding different ways to get inspired by looking at the world from a director’s perspective.

“My biggest muse is people. I love capturing people’s emotions, people are my creative muses. I’m inspired by colors and architecture,” Lauren said.

Videographer Reko Lauren at the Stacy Adams Cultural Arts Building in Brockton on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

Boston Music Awards Nomination

After a year of taking her business, ReekShotMe, seriously and delivering content consistently, Lauren was nominated for Videographer of the Year by the Boston Music Awards, which showcase exceptional musical talent across the Massachusetts.

The Boston Music Awards have been around since 1987 – Bobby Brown even won an award in 1989.

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“I was so honored and touched to be nominated for the award. It’s good to be recognized for your work, especially since I started taking directing seriously last year,” said Lauren.

Lauren specializes in music videos but wants to branch out into shorts and series. A recent music video that Lauren has to her credit Damaged Feelings from Neemz has had 256,000 views on YouTube and Toxic Attachments debuted on May 12.

“I’m a one-woman team. I direct, edit and shoot all of my videos. For me, the process is creating a vision board with my shot list and planning the music video frame by frame. J ‘also like to drive and listen to the artist’s song to find more inspiration in the landscape, especially the colours,’ said Lauren, who is from Taunton.

A perk of the job is traveling to different states to bring people’s vision to life.

“I’ve been to Texas, Los Angeles, New York and the East Coast. Life is different when you’re traveling and doing something you love for work,” Lauren said.

Videographer Reko Lauren specializes in music videos.

How she finds inspiration

Whenever Lauren feels uninspired and needs to gain momentum, she hops in her car and drives around the neighborhood listening to Tupac and soaking in everything around him.

There’s something about the natural colors of life that spark creativity, Lauren said.

As a child, Lauren’s parents encouraged her to be unique and use her imagination to be original and do things with her hands.

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“My mom was super creative and artistic. She made things out of anything. My favorite thing was creating art as a family, the energy of the piece was indescribable,” Lauren said.

In the future, Lauren hopes to become a big player in a predominantly male-dominated career field. According to the Center for Study of Women in Television and Film, women make up just 17% of female directors working in the 250 highest-grossing films of 2021.

“I want my art to change the way people perceive women in film and similar spaces,” Lauren said.

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