Taylor Swift is all in on the punk revival as she sends Avril Lavigne a sweet gift, saying she’s her ‘lifelong fan’

Whether it be batman emo Where Machine Gun Kelly goes viral covering Paramore, pop punk is officially back for another revival and Avril Lavigne is in the game. The 37-year-old singer who first rose to popularity in 2002 as a teenager with ‘Complicated’ and ‘Sk8er Boi’ released a new record a few weeks ago and none other than Taylor Swift is talking about it.

Avril Lavigne’s latest album, Love Sux, is a certified one-album banger and Taylor Swift wanted to make sure the singer knew it. After the album’s release, Swift sent Lavigne a bouquet of flowers with a note that read:

April, I danced in my kitchen to your fabulous new album!! It’s INCREDIBLE, like you. Your lifelong fan, Taylor.

What a sweet gesture! Avril Lavigne shared the note with her instagram and, talking to People, shared what it was like to receive praise from the singer-songwriter. In the words of Lavigne:

She said she loved the songs and listened to them, and I mean, she’s amazing. I joined her on stage, I don’t know, four years ago on one of her tours, we sang ‘Complicated’ together, and she told me she was a big fan and that meant so much to me.

Lavigne said it also meant a lot to another woman in the music industry to show her “support” for her music and make her totally happy. As the singer shared, in 2015 the pair shared the stage for a duet rendition of “Complicated.” during Taylor Swift 1989 to visit. Check it out:

From the video, it’s clear that Taylor Swift was super happy to be on stage with Avril Lavigne at the time and still cheers her on now that she’s immersed herself in pop punk again. Lavigne’s last record dates back to 2019 Head above water, which was a slower, emotional album inspired by the singer’s battle with Lyme disease. At Love SuxLavigne finds a “strong message like empowerment, self-love, self-esteem.”

Lavigne said the album started with the title track, which she wrote while going through a breakup. She feels like the album is about “being able to laugh at the mad rush that love takes you on” and it sounds like Taylor Swift is great in the new record. Taylor Swift is known for overdoing women as much as she can, even recently taking a picture to The Batman projection to praise Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman.

Swift is also known to have her share of famous friends, among his longtime friendship with Selena Gomez to be best friends with Blake Lively, who recently directed one of his music videos. It’s no wonder she’s so awesome as a hype woman. Since Love Sux is an album that features a bigger pop punk music comeback, it feels like Swift just blessed the music movement.