The 10 most iconic emo clips / scenes of the 2000s

There was a time when MTV still broadcast music videos. It is a period that Tyler Povanda remembers well.

He sings in the punk and emo-addicted rock band Save face, who just released their second album on Epitaph Records last month, Another kill for the Highlight Reel. And while they will likely never air on MTV, the band’s recent videos for songs like “SHINE, “”Bury me (tonight!)” and “Sharpen your teeth“still evoke this bygone video kingdom.

But the golden age we’re talking about isn’t the dawn of modern 1980s music videos. Or the simultaneous onslaught of grunge and hip-hop videos in the ’90s.

No, we’re talking about the 2000s, right after the turn of the millennium, when videos of emo and pop-punk bands started to surge. This was right before the internet swallowed music videos whole, and MTV then started to apparently only air Ridiculous reruns.

Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday – these essential outfits and many more have been the main drivers and shakers of the age of emo video. (In the case of the latter group, it was a time when Flavor Flavor in a video might help attract more viewers.)

But even if those days now seem over, the impact of videos made on artists remains. Especially when it comes to bands like Save Face, a band that flourished under the influence of the bands that made these classic videos.

Talk to Rock sound this week of Save Face’s new album, Povanda commented, “Honestly, I can’t believe we were able to do this. In a world where everything else is horrible, it’s good that I can do something and feel so good. Listening to these songs is sometimes the only time of my day when I feel good. “

It’s emo. For more, scroll down for a trip down memory lane of 2000s emo / scene music videos. Povanda (pictured above in foreground) commented on the 10 he thinks are most iconic.

Save Face’s new album ‘Another Kill for the Highlight Reel’ is out now. Get your copy here and follow the group on Twitter, Instagram and Spotify. Watch the “GLITTER” music video below.

Save Face, “GLITTER” Music Video

  • ten

    Paramore, “Decode” (2008)

    Among the many Paramore videos that I could choose, “Decode” is the most iconic for me. The song paired with the forest and the dusk tie-in – love it or hate it (love it), it was a staple of its time.

  • 9

    Hawthorne Heights, “Ohio is for Lovers” (2005)

    This Hawthorne Heights video is iconic for the hanging microphone alone, so nothing more needs to be said.

  • 8

    Story of the Year, “Until the Day I Die” (2005)

    This story of the year video is a typical example of band inexplicably playing a show in an abandoned warehouse. This Shawn kid from my school showed me this song, I burned it on my Walkman and listened to it on the bus every day. It was also the first video where my friend Yanko saw someone do a guitar trick – so yeah, iconic.

  • 7

    AFI, “Miss Murder” (2006)

    The theme and story of this video are so distinct that they have marked me forever. There was no such thing when it was on MTV. In a sea of ​​frontpeople adopting a very similar “emo” aesthetic, I think AFI’s Davey Havok had his own striking presence.

  • 6

    My chemical romance, “Helena” (2005)

    Okay, each of the My Chemical Romance videos is iconic and I was going to choose “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” but then I remembered all of the cool “Helena” choreography. Still, “The Ghost of You” … whatever, let’s move on.

  • 5

    Underoath, “Writing on the Walls” (2006)

    This video was the first time I realized that [Underoath drummer] Aaron [Gillespie] was doing all the clear vocals of the group. My mind was blown. The house with all these rooms, though – like 15 years later, I still don’t know what that means. But I love this band, and I was obsessed with this video.

  • 4

    The Occasion, “All I Have” (2004)

    This video from The Used has so much depth and lots of interesting aspects with the combination of live action and artwork.

  • 3

    Thursday, “Understanding in a car accident” (2002)

    The fact that MTV often played videos that looked like they had been shot with camcorders – like the one from Thursday – is one of the things that has allowed me to connect with many bands. Watching this as a kid made me feel like it was something I could be a part of; it didn’t have the polish of a big budget calculated video. The authenticity of this song and the video was so visceral and alluring, and it still is!

  • 2

    Resume Sunday, “You’re So Last Summer” (2003)

    Flavor Flavor! Also at around 1:45 am in this Take Back Sunday video this guy does the leg jump thing, I think it’s like a TikTok trend now.

  • 1

    The Killers, “Mr. Brightside” (2004)

    I’m adding in part The Killers so that people get mad that this song or band isn’t emo or something. But it’s easily one of the most memorable and iconic videos of all time, and for an equally iconic song. Also, what happens with those two random cymbal crashes at the start?

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