The episodic PS4 / PS5 game We Are OFK that lets you play music videos will launch next year

During the PlayStation State of Play for October 2021, the company announced that the story-driven game We Are OFK is coming to PS4 and PS5.

Part narrative series and interactive album, We Are OFK is an episodic track that follows the life of an indie pop group called OFK. The gameplay is mostly made up of choices of dialogue options for interacting with the characters, and the story centers around the band members’ attempts to succeed in the Los Angeles music scene. In addition to the story episodes, each episode will also feature another interactive video clip for a song by the band.

The game is from the OFK team, which is a combination of group and game developer. According to an interview with the developer on PlayStation Blog, the game is based on the actual struggles and triumphs of the group when they debuted.

“In a lot of game stories, the villain is a dragon, a man with a sword, an evil corporation,” manager and keyboardist Itsumi Saito said in the post. “It’s not our kind of story. In We Are OFK, the bad guy is the fight you face trying to create something: impostor syndrome, grief, miscommunication, people with dreams and different priorities It’s really hard to make music, games, art, videos, novels, whatever! This is the story we want to tell. Our story, how our band is doing is reunited in Los Angeles and how, so far, we haven’t messed it up. “

We Are OFK will consist of five parts with five interactive video clips, and is slated for launch in 2022. In addition to the PS4 and PS5, the game will also arrive on PC.

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