The Faces teases comeback album details E! News UK

Fans of the Faces will recognize some of the songs from their comeback album.

It was revealed this summer that the reformed rockers of “Stay With Me” – drummer Kenney Jones, guitarist Ronnie Wood and singer Sir Rod Stewart – were back in the studio to put on some music, and the stickman explained that the record will be a “mix of old and new”, with some pieces of music already familiar to their loyal supporters.

He told Uncut magazine, “What we’ve decided to do is work on some of the original stuff that we haven’t used, so the album is going to be a mix of old and new.

“The songs that we have revisited come from everywhere.

“It’s very difficult to go into details because a lot of them didn’t even have titles.

“I think the fans may have heard some things before and could recognize them.

“Ronnie and I in particular worked on a lot of old stuff together and re-recorded a few of those songs with a more modern twist.”

However, the job was stilted due to Rod’s solo work and Ronnie’s commitment to the Rolling Stones.

Kenney continued, “New songs are coming too. We’re definitely headed in the right direction, but the work had to stop temporarily while Woody returned to his postponed gigs with the Stones.

“The same thing happened with Rod.

“I know Rod, between things on tour, is working on lyrics for some of them. Woody does the same. So we’ll come back to that when we can get back together.

Fans can also expect “special guests” on the record, but their identities are being kept under wraps for now.

Kenney said, “I don’t want to say too much at this point, but there will be special guests with us.

“We have already done a few overdub sessions with famous people, which will remain a trade secret for now.