The Halfway House artist has more music to share

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, artists are hard at work creating hit songs that will keep people dancing throughout the holiday.

Halfway House rapper and vocalist Michael John-Bevan also has some magic up his sleeve this season.

“I’m working on a few singles and working with other artists to grow my producer portfolio,” the 21-year-old said.

Michael John-Bevan shows off his swag.

John-Bevan released an album earlier this year, Lay It Down which consists of seven tracks, but he thinks fans need more from his bars.

He is also a producer who enjoys mixing and mastering and occasionally helps his church with sound work.

“I started producing on my iPad when I was 14 and used YouTube videos when I was stuck or wanted to know how to do something specific.

Michael John-Bevan says talent and education are a perfect combination.

“I can’t say that I prefer producing or recording more than the other, but if I had to choose, I would choose to record because it’s not easy for me but I’m up for the challenge.”

On weekdays, when he’s not creating hits in the studio, he works for his company NewAge Production. John-Bevan founded the production company with Kevin Kankolongo while still in high school, but it only started to take off last year.
John-Bevan believes that talent can only be maintained if one has the proper education to maintain it.

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