This Saturday: Spectacular Art & Music Event MUSIC & MURALS in Desert Ridge, PHX on March 19, 2022

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COLORME Art Spa artist D. Murrow will be creating one-of-a-kind art at the Desert Ridge KidsZone on Saturday, March 19, 2022 from 5-9 p.m.

When all ages paint together, the little ones encourage the adults and now everyone “finds the artist inside” and creates “outside” the lines and has fun!

—Debra Lee Murrow

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, March 16, 2022 / —
COLORME Art Spa Founder and artist Debra Lee Murrow will be among seven Phoenix-area artists to create beautiful art images on massive murals, set to local music, at the MUSIC & MURALS event March 19 in desert ridgePhoenix, AZ.

MUSIC + MURALS is an evening of arts and entertainment inside “The District” in Desert Ridge, hosted by the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance. The artists will be positioned close to the various musical scenes, in particular Rock, R&B, Jazz & Blues and Acoustic/Instrumental.

Debra Lee Murrow, founder of the popular COLORME Art Spa, will create art in the KidsZone area, located between the Rock and R&B stages. Debra will create several pieces of art related to particular song lyrics. Children of all ages will have the chance to use oil paint sticks (by Richardson), using their artistic inspiration linked to the lyrics of the songs.

In the week following the show, Desert Ridge staff will hang all of the paintings in prominent locations around the center, so shoppers can enjoy the beautiful art created for the event.

Debra Lee Murrow is the founder of COLORME Art Spa, which helps adults express themselves through a variety of art classes, art teaching, and art coaching. You can also find Debra’s original artwork in this COLORME Art Spa.

About Debra Lee Murrow/COLORME Art Spa
Debra Lee Murrow is a fine artist, entrepreneur and founder of COLORME Art Spa. She helps adults express themselves through a variety of art classes, teaching and art coaching. She has presented on the stages of many conferences and churches over the past few years. She also works with company teams to help them use art and vision to clarify their mission statements and company goals – Story Brand Style.

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