“We have to organize it”: Bruce Dickinson gives an update on the solo album – Music News

Bruce Dickinson plans to complete his new solo album after his North American spoken word tour ends.

The Iron Maiden frontman already has several demos to tinker with for his follow-up to 2006’s “Tyranny Of Souls”, and he might need to “write a few more songs” for his seventh studio effort once he gets through. finished his “An Evening With”. Bruce Dickinson shows in March.

Bruce explained that once his role is over, he leaves the rest to his longtime collaborator, Roy ‘Z’ Ramirez.

He said: “I obviously come [America to] make the only man [spoken-word] Pin up [beginning in late January].

“When I get to the end of the one-man show at the end of March, then the idea is that I have about three weeks to cool off on my heels somewhere.

“I’m going to lie in a dark room for a few days and recover from the tour, then put on my singing head and go chat with [longtime collaborator] Roy [‘Z’ Ramirez]. Because we already have a bunch of material, but we need to organize it a bit.

“We’ve got demos and everything, but we’ve got to organize it a little bit more properly and be a little more serious about it – maybe write a few more songs. And then basically leave it to Roy. [Once] we’ve got what we want to do, he can go and start doing backing tracks and things like that. “

He added to Loudwire: “Obviously I’m going on tour with Maiden [later in the year], but we made ‘Tyranny Of Souls’ that way. “Tyranny Of Souls” wasn’t done exactly remotely – well, a bit remotely in that I wasn’t physically present when some of the backing tracks were done, but he sent me the backtracks and I listened to them and I said, ‘These are cool.’ And for some of them, I wrote the lyrics for the backtracks, and the tunes and everything.

“And some of them, we had already done that. So mixing and matching like that sometimes gives great results.”

There has been talk of the 63-year-old rocker doing a reworked version of “If Eternity Should Fail” from the 2015 heavy metal titans LP “The Book Of Souls”, which was intended to be a solo version.

The “Run to the Hills” hitmaker previously explained that he had “a full concept album, which was going to be called” If Eternity Should Fail. ” And “If Eternity Should Fail” was the title song of my new solo album.

“And a bit like [Dickinson’s 1989 solo song] ‘Bring your daughter to the slaughter’ [laughs], he was requisitioned for Iron Maiden. So if I did another solo album, which I think I would, I could just stick with my original plan and have it as a title track.

“I mean, I wrote it – that was the first song I wrote for it.

“So, yeah, I’d probably still include that song. But that would be… the feel would be slightly different – not much, though – than the Maiden version.”