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As Allison Hussey wrote in her listening diary interview with actor Matt Berry: Matt Berry has the distinction of playing one of the most excited vampires to ever grace American television –true blood and buffy be damned. Like the libidinous Laszlo Cravensworth on FX What we do in the shadows, Berry, born in Bedfordshire, England, completes a colorful quartet of vampires living in modern Staten Island. Laszlo is a prolific pornographer and unrepentant libertine, and Berry electrifies the undead Casanova with assured flamboyant edge through gag after gag.

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P-ValleyThe second season of is steeped in southern rap


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As Alphonse Pierre writes in his Listening Journal interview with actor Shannon Thornton: Shannon Thornton has prepared for her role in P-Valley, the Starz comedy-drama about the lives of dancers at a Mississippi strip club called the Pynk, really immersing itself in Southern rap, especially New Orleans rap. “I was doing a lot of research, but it was Juvenile and the Hot Boys that drove me crazy,” she said on Zoom. “Now whenever we want to have a good time in my trailer, I put on Juvenile.”

Southern rap is the backbone of P-Valley, which launched its second season earlier this summer. From regional classics to little gems that will get you out of Shazam, the soundtrack makes the place feel like it’s lived in. This season, some of the memorable needle drops have included “Lock Em in Da Trunk” by DJ Zirk and Rick Ross. “Hustlin”, accompanied by a guest appearance from New Orleans rebounding legend Big Freedia. Meanwhile, one of the characters on the show is a rapper named Lil Murda — played by J. Alphonse Nicholson in a breakout role — and the original songs he performs aren’t actually that great.

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