Where is my Amazon Music download?

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You uploaded a song to Amazon Music, and now it seems like it’s completely gone? Here’s where to look first.

Unlimited music streaming is great over Wi-Fi, but sometimes on the go you want to save data – and for Amazon Music users, downloading a song for offline listening is your savior. Many people also choose to support artists by purchasing an Amazon Music digital download song for their device.

Don’t panic if you can’t find where your Amazon Music song was downloaded. He should be hiding in one of the following places.

Where can I find my Amazon Music Unlimited offline tracks?

When you download a song from Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited to listen to it offline, the track is not sent to your device as a file. The song will remain on the Amazon Music app, with a check mark next to it to show that you’ve downloaded it for offline listening.

Where are my purchased downloads?

Buy a song from Amazon Music and you can download it to your PC or Mac, yours to keep and listen to on the media player of your choice.

Lost your download? To find it in the app, go to your Library and select Songs. Hit Purchased to see the list of the music you have purchased. From there, you can click the download button for the album or track you want, or drag and drop it onto the To download section in Actions on the sidebar.

To download music in the browser, select the purchased tracks and click To download. You may be asked if you want to install the Amazon Music app – select No thanks, just download the music files directly. To select to safeguard and open the file when the download is complete.

Where do my Amazon Music downloads go on my computer?

Amazon Music downloads are saved to a default folder on PC or Mac. This should mean that your tracks will be in the My music location on Windows or the Music folder on your Mac.

If you downloaded from a browser, only one song will be downloaded in MP3 format – several will be in a ZIP file.

On the Amazon Music app, your downloads will be in the Recently downloaded section.

Still in trouble? Visit the Amazon Music forums for more help.

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