Will Blackpink be back with a mini-album in May? Fans say “they only have 21 songs”

Blackpink may be the biggest K-pop girl group around, but their discography doesn’t speak for the dedication Blinks has for Blackpink. With fans demanding a comeback from the group, reports from YG Entertainment regarding their plans for artists under the label suggest that Blackpink could make a comeback in May 2022. That’s not all, as another report analyzing the discography of Blackpink shocked fans.

The now-viral report revealed that since their debut in 2016, Blackpink have only released a total of 21 songs, with their latest release being “Lovesick Girls” released in October 2021. That’s right, the total number of songs released by Blackpink over the past seven years is very limited and fans are now expressing concerns about Blackpink’s future. However, the band’s shockingly low song count includes Blacpink’s B-side tracks, fans praise that the band was able to achieve the success they have with such a small discography, they are also concerned about the future of Blackpink.


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Will Blackpink release a mini-album in May?

After it was suddenly alleged that Blackpink was set to debut in May 2022 according to YG’s annual reports, it was pointed out that the label was planning to release a Blackpink mini album. The Blinks who are aware of Blackpink’s ’21 Songs’ discography are now venting their rage against the label. Usually, mini albums only have around 5-7 songs but, given that Blackpink hasn’t released any new music in the last 18 months, the least fans expected was a studio album at least if not. solo projects for Jisoo members. and Jenny.

With the band nearly two years on hiatus, fans are worried that Blackpink won’t be able to hold a concert with only a mini album, as one angry fan put it: “So they said a comeback with a mini album after which they’ll be giving the girls a visit again with this mini album TF Another fan said, “Looks like #BLACKPINK will have a #comeback with a new mini album in May.” said: “I saw “BLACKPINK MINI ALBUM”?? I better not see that in the account of this company or whatever.

‘Are we boycotting the Blackpink mini-album’

Furious at the rumored mini album return for Blackpink, fans are really going after YG Entertainment, as one said: “A MINI ALBUM. FOR BLACKPINK. IN 2022. AFTER A MINIMUM FULL WLBUM. OOOOO I AM ABOUT TO COMMIT A CRIME. Another fan said: “Please stop I feel sick, someone please tell me this is a joke…” Another fan said: “Break for a long time and we only have a mini album?” An angry fan said: “I only came back to see blackpink cb news with a mini album, fck you YG.”

Another fan said, “We’ve been waiting for two years for Blackpink comeback and a new song, so Blackpink could come back for a mini album only? Please, we want a new Blackpink song, not this mini. album…” One fan said, “Almost 2 years of waiting and preparing and yg will only give blackpink a mini album. wtf is that yg blackpink deserves better. Another fan said, “Are we Boycotting the mini album just once so they can feel the impact? It’s like they’re only giving Blackpink a comeback to make a lot of money and then benching them again to on rainy days.

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